Custom Clearing & Forwarding

This is highly mentionable that we have the experts at air, land and sea ports who are familiar with the formalities to do clearing and forwarding of shipments in a very smooth and prompt manner. We also have the necessary in-house management with oil field supervisors who are familiar with drilling rigs and also oilfield materials. They can identify any equipment at the ports that may need to be delivered on an emergency basis to the project sites.

Over the years, we have customs cleared both big and small shipments for a large number of customers spread across industries and trade and a wide variety of goods from across the world with utmost precision. Being a leading customs brokerage house our expert team are very familiar of all local rules and regulations so that they can help you overcome even the most complex matters of trade compliance. We identify the demands, challenges and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your paper work accordingly so that required formalities are met and businesses flows smoothly.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector has helped us offer customized solutions to all our clients so that they can reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and minimize customs duties. With the required documents, our team of dedicated professionals ensure end-to-end solutions for both Import Customs Clearance and Export Customs Formalities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

TGLBD Custom Clearance Services:

  • Committed to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Highly efficient working procedures
  • Experience in handling different commodities
  • Customer-centric policy and actions approach
  • Complete documentation

We give Customs Clearance & Forwarding support for :

  1. Sea Port
  2. Air Port
  3. Land Port

Sea port

We offer a professional solution for your sea cargo. We provide you with the best transport solutions and arrange to delivery the goods from ports. With TG Logistics  (BD) ltd you can be certain that you have a Customs clearing & Forwarding agents partner who offers you a customized end-to-end solution for each consignments. Our services will fulfill your all requirement.

Special projects :

Whenever your shipment involves over dimensional or heavy cargo our custom clearance specialists possess the required knowledge and experience to plan every detail proactively and with the required precision. We are the most reliable of  TG Logistics  (BD) ltd that also offer you break bulk as well as bulk cargo multimodal transportation & custom clearance services.

Defining “Project Cargo” :

Project cargo is a general term for the international transportation of extra large, heavyweight, or irregularly-shaped work machinery, specialized vehicles, and equipment.  Sometimes known as “Heavy-lift”, this can consist of various large units which require dismantling for transport, then assembly at point of destination.
Unlike regular shipments where all material can be loaded onto a truck or container, project cargo requires special design, planning, and method of transport. Not all logistics companies can handle these exceptional shipments, which require specialized skills, planning, and coordination within a solid risk management system. TG Logistics  (BD) ltd specialized method also respects your budget, by avoiding unnecessary expenses for storage, stand-by fees, or extra duties/tariffs. Within the realm of Project Cargo come the terms “out-of-gauge” and “break bulk cargo”.

Understanding Out-of-gauge Cargo :

Out-of-gauge Cargo (OOG) is any shipment that surpasses the maximum dimensions of a standard container in length, width, or height. Instead, this freight can be securely transported with special types of trucks, trailers, flat-racks, platforms, or open-top containers. Ask us about the following alternatives for custom clearance of OOG shipment.

Flat-rack and Open-Top Containers:

When going by sea, oversized or irregular freight can be loaded onto flat-rack or open-top containers specialized in OOG. These are open at the top or sides, so the cargo can be lifted in, then covered for protection. Our custom expert will arrange to deliver the cargo by maintaining local custom regulation.

We employ a team of project cargo logistics experts, always at the ready to assist with the arrangement and execution of oversized loads. They ensure the highest levels of efficiency, security and reliability for all of your projects cargo delivery. Particularly in extensive projects or fields that need to move bulky merchandise. These include large construction, oil and gas, energy, marine, and mining, among other industries. Merchandise typically transported using break bulk might be raw metals, heavy load machinery, power-generating and refinery equipment.

Among the advantages of this heavy weight custom clearance  service method :

  • Permits heavy industry and power-generation companies to displace enormous equipment.
  • Keep goods separate (and organized) when they are best used that way at destination.

Our expert will help you navigate customs regulations and deliver the goods from ports up to consignee warehouse. And if you need logistics support for your supply chain, we can handle that for you too. By sea, air, road, rail or barge – whether your needs are straightforward or complex, out-of-gauge or containers or your goods are hazardous, let us offer you:

  1. Full container load/unload service at port/off-dock
  2. Less than container load/unload service at port/off-dock
  3. Non-containerized load/unload service at port/off-dock
  4. Buyer’s consolidation load/unload service at port/off-dock
  5. Break bulk unload service at port/off-dock
  6. Project cargo delivery

Put your trust in our people, and they’ll always cooperate you. One single problem will be assigned to your shipment, taking ownership from A to Z, with responsibility to resolve any possible issues that arise. Want updates? They’ll also keep you informed along the way.

Air port

Send your import and export shipments by air, saving time and optimizing costs. Preventing stock outs in a clothes shop, sending high-value shipments with an onboard courier, getting spare parts to the other side of the world to prevent a factory stoppage, sending samples for a trade fair or to potential customers, shipping perishable and urgent goods, or products with a short expiry date.

We offer a professional and quick solution for your air cargo. Our specialists can arrange for a consignment to arrange necessary customs formalities up to delivery. They also coordinate with customs officer for assessment, examine for quick processing at airport and ensure the delivery reaches the recipient.

We are able to deliver optimal and expedient air cargo customs processing solutions to you specify for all consignments. With TG Logistics  (BD) ltd, you have a partner that can offer air cargo experts based in offices in Chattogram and Dhaka. TG Logistics  (BD) ltd is the ideal air cargo consignor for you, ensuring that your shipment is processed professionally via the swiftest logistical channel available.

We understand the importance of air transportation, and are proud to offer air port custom clearance service. Our strategic handling and execution delivery of  cargo.  Furthermore, our solid understanding of customs and legal requirements, international marketplaces, and an extensive knowledge of local corporate cultures make us the right choice when shipping goods by air.

We offer you following services :

  1. Door to Door
  2. Processing Documentation

Door to Door

We can handle your air shipments from start to finish, from your warehouse to your customer’s doorstep, including Customs procedures. There are over 40,000 airports around the world and a huge variety of connections on offer so you can send your goods door to door, streamlining transit times.

Processing Documentation

TG Logistics  (BD) ltd platform provides you with access to all your shipment documents at any time. You can rely on our air freight team for custom clearance services and consult your document records. Air freight specialists are well experienced for air freight custom clearance services. They will complete necessary formalities of custom regulation up to delivery.

Land port

Land transport Door to door for importing and exporting. We optimize your logistics operations by road. From our headquarters in Chattogram and our branch office in Dhaka, we can professionally guide your overland shipments to consignee warehouse. We coordinate every aspect of your overland shipment for imports and exports.

We’re one of the leading Customs clearing & forwarding agents ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for our customers, so that they receive their goods on time and in perfect shape. Our own team process all paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land and air more efficiently and in record time.

Cargo exporting

  • We offer the most competitive prices.
  • We offer consulting services for logistics and customs before and after shipping.
  • We ensure the best possible transit time.
  • We tend to your shipments in a personalized way with timely track and trace.
  • We become your strategic supply chain partner.

Cargo importing

  • Preferential international freight agreements.
  • Premises for handling import shipments
  • Customs processing

Why trust TG Logistics  (BD) ltd with your transportation needs?

  • We have a global vision.
  • You will have the same customs broker.
  • You have a single point of contact for all your international shipments.
  • We offer efficient dispatch agents thanks to our strategic alliances with partners in all around the world.
  • We offer competitive prices.